Baking & Culinary Ideas

Malaysia’s Best Supply of Baking and Food Ingredients


We stock a large range of products in each store from appliances like ovens and mixers to baking pans and moulds through to brushes and scales as well as items for decoration and storage & packaging with a vast selection of essential ingredients. Come and visit your local Bagus store today.

Baking Ingredients

Flavours, extracts, nuts & herbs, sugar etc...

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Tools & Utensils

Spatulas, cutting tools, rolling pins etc...

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Measuring & Mixing

Whisks, measuring cups, scales etc...

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Pans & Moulds

Muffin pans, cake pans, silicone moulds etc...

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Cake Decorations

Sticks, candles, icing, sprinkles etc...

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Equipment & Appliances

Electric mixers, baking ovens etc...

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Display & Storage

Cake stands, cake boxes etc...

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Cake wrapping, cupcake holders etc...

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Baking paper and other essentials etc...

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