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Welcome to Bagus

Bagus supply, distribute and repack a wide selection and varieties of innovative baking and food ingredients. We also offer a range of baking essentials; tools & utensils, cake decorations, measuring & mixing wares, baking pans, bakery packaging for display and storage, equipment & appliances, disposable baking items and many more…

     Our Focus is on Convenience

     Our Choice is to meet all bakers, chefs and food services’ needs

     Our Value is sharing baking experiences with our customers

     Our Selection is from simple baking and food ingredients to full mixes

Baking Ingredients

Flavours, extracts, nuts & herbs, sugar etc...

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Tools & Utensils

Spatulas, cutting tools, rolling pins etc...

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Measuring & Mixing

Whisks, measuring cups, scales etc...

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Pans & Moulds

Muffin pans, cake pans, silicone moulds etc...

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Cake Decorations

Sticks, candles, icing, sprinkles etc...

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Equipment & Appliances

Electric mixers, baking ovens etc...

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Display & Storage

Cake cases, stands, tubs etc...

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Cake boxes, bags, wrapping, ribbons etc...

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